Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

We understand that your wedding dress is not just a piece of clothing, it’s a symbol of the most special day in your life. That’s why our wedding dress cleaning professionals offer wedding dress dry cleaning services to ensure your dress stays in its original condition for years to come.


Our team of wedding dress dry cleaning experts in Melbourne take the utmost care and attention when it comes to wedding dress cleaning in Melbourne. We use specialised cleaning techniques and premium cleaning solvents to remove even the most stubborn stains, while ensuring that your dress remains completely intact.

the bride touches her white wedding dress with lace

High Quality Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning in Melbourne

At Be a Star Bridal, our wedding dress dry cleaning experts understand the importance of your wedding dress and the need to preserve it in pristine condition. Our professional bridal wedding dress dry cleaning services in Melbourne are designed to take care of your dress to the highest standard, treating it with meticulous care and attention. Bring your wedding dress to us today and let us help you preserve it for years to come. To book an appointment with us, call us on (03) 8555 3850 or Email us at

Professional Bridal Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning Services

Our team of wedding dress cleaning experts in Melbourne examines every inch of your dress to identify any spots that need pre-treatment. We understand that the underarms and hemline of your dress are areas that typically need attention and work, and our wedding dress cleaning professionals take special care to treat these areas effectively. Common stains such as make-up, fake tan, grass, grease, and alcohol spills are treated safely and effectively, ensuring that stubborn stains are removed.

Bridal Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning and Professional Boxing in Melbourne

Once your gown is hand treated to sparkling condition, we will now perform gentle cleaning.

Every wedding dress is hand treated and hand dry cleaned using proven techniques. The cleaning is carried out using premium solvents that are designed for cleaning wedding gowns. Where possible, we will hand wet-clean the gown to prevent ageing and oxidation of water-based stains.

Any damaged hem, loose buttons and tears will be tended to by our seamstress.

Once your wedding dress is cleaned, we will re-inspect it and hand spot the stains. We take the time to identify any spots that may need attention and do the needful.

Your wedding gown is now professionally hand-pressed using Italian equipment with temperature control. Our equipment handles the most delicate trims and materials with ease.

Once your gown has been pressed, it will undergo a thorough final inspection. If we are not totally satisfied, we will put the gown through any or all the previous steps until we are sure the gown has been cleaned and finished to the highest standards.

If you have opted to preserve your bridal gown, we will carefully pack it into our Beautiful Presentation box quality, acid-free box. Our elegant boxes feature a viewing window so you can view your beautiful gown without worrying about getting it dirty. The box and the tissue it’s wrapped in will protect your previous gown from light atmospheric particles.

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