Finding your perfect bridal gown can be a scary or overwhelming time for a bride to be starting her bridal dress journey. Here are a few tips that will hopefully make your experience a great one!

1. Start looking for your dress early as it might take you time to find the perfect one and ordering a bridal dress can normally take 6 – 8 months to arrive in store. You will also probably need time afterward to alter the gown to fit you perfectly.

2. If you don’t have that much time look into finding your perfect dress off the rack. That way there is no stress in waiting for the gown to arrive on time.

3. The first time you go bridal shopping go alone. Or with your mum. Get to know your style and body shape. Try different dress styles and shapes, even ones you never thought you could pull off. You don’t need anybody’s opinion at this point but your own.

4. Let a bridal consultant guide you. You never know what gown they might pull for you.

5. Once you’ve chosen one or two styles you love start shopping for the perfect dress. Bring one or two friends whose opinion you value along to help. Or mum!

6. Don’t go to too many bridal shops! Once you’ve found one or two 10/10 gowns that you keep thinking about or comparing other gowns to; go back and try that gown on again! You’ll start to realize after trying on a lot of dresses it can get quite confusing. Bring your bridal party or someone whose opinion you value along with you.

7. Pay attention to how you feel in the gown! If you can’t stop looking at yourself or you don’t want to take the gown off then that is a great sign!

8. Have fun with it! You only get married once …sometimes. This will probably be the most expensive dress you will ever buy but it will be for the most amazing day of your life so find a dress that makes you feel like a million dollars. Try not to spend a million dollars on finding it.

8. And just remember to have fun!!!